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I got this amazing Luhan Christmas card in the mail today! It’s from a friend of mine who is such a sweetheart and has so much love for Xiumin! Her name is Corey! ^^

Corey, I just want to say thank you for the Card and your message on the back made me smile. I squealed a little when I seen your customized Xiumin address thing and Luhan’s Cute deer self. I was like ” Ohhhawwww! It’s Xiumin’s Symbol. -Opens- AWWW jshjkdbvjebvjh IT’S LUHANNNNN!”  haha. Also Thank you for the Stickers I will add them to my Exo wall along with your card.

Everyone should check out her shop. She makes her own K-pop merch, her designs are amazing as well as her stickers. If you want the Exo planets facts and Hallyu Facts Stickers as seen in the picture or one of her Shirts check out her tumblr and be sure to follow her! <3

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