One shot, One chance.
My feelings grow dull, my scars can’t be erased Love feels like an extravagance, I just close my eyes as if I’m shackled, the memories come to me I can’t breathe, can you see me?

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B.A.P 10+Star September Magazine Photoshoot Making (Youngjae)

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when u excited about something and ur friend isntimage

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kashi-yuka asked: Happy Birthday! Have a great day ;D A great day staring at vixx and bap ok <3 

Hahah Thank you! I will.

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vincentcat asked: /comes in with birthday balloons and streamers/ HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY JAYDAAA!!!! May all you dreams and wishes come true on your special day~ 



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Anonymous asked: Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope you have a good one (: 

Thank you!! :)


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