One shot, One chance.
My feelings grow dull, my scars can’t be erased Love feels like an extravagance, I just close my eyes as if I’m shackled, the memories come to me I can’t breathe, can you see me?

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[!] B.A.P’s JAPAN 1st ALBUM『Best. Absolute. Perfect』to be released on November 19th!


The album will include more than 10 songs including both new songs (content still unknown) and their previous title Japanese Singles’ tracks: "WARRIOR", ONE SHOT", "NO MERCY" & "EXCUSE ME"

There will be 3 types:

Limited Edition (CD+Goods)

HMV OnlineCD Japan, Amazon, Rakuten

  • KICS-93125
  • ¥4,028+Tax (~$37)

Type A (CD+DVD)

HMV OnlineCD Japan, Amazon, Rakuten

  • KIZC-263
  • ¥3,241+Tax (~$30)

Type B (CD Only)

HMV OnlineCD Japan, Amazon, Rakuten

  • KICS-3126
  • ¥2,685+Tax (~$25)

(Click on the links to pre-order now!)

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jaejaepapi asked: Oh dear gawd I missed you birthday, happy belated birthday... I'm sorry. 

Awww, that’s okay. Thank you! :)

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나는 로빅이다. 빅스 첫 출연 니코나마 특별 방송을 잘 마친 #빅스 #VIXX 요원들이다.

I am ROVIX. This is the VIXX Agents after finishing their first appearance in the Nikonama special broadcast.

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